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Amerikansk Akita

There are two distinct breeds of Akita; the original Japanese breed and the newer American breed. Unlike the Japanese breed, the American Akita can have a black mask, while the weight of males and females tends to be extremely similar.


As the name suggests, the original Akita hails from the Akita region of Japan and this breed is the national dog of Japan. The breed has a large number of different uses including in police and military work, a fighting dog, a guard dog, and a hunting dog. The Akita was first brought to the USA by Helen Keller in 1937 and shortly afterwards the American Akita breed was established. This breed is slightly larger than its Japanese counterpart and is considered to be a separate breed in most of the world.

Body Type

The American Akita features a large body that is unwrinkled when relaxed and the broad skull is flat between the ears, while the head is shaped like a blunt triangle when...

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