The Pudelpointer is a breed of dog that is a combination of poodles and pointers. This breed was created by Baron Von Zedlitz in the later part of the 1800s. He started the breed using seven poodles and 90 pointers. Experts who have studied the history of the Pudelpointer often disagree as to whether the original breeding dogs used were modern poodles, or Barbets, which are the ancestors of the "water poodle." However, apart from this moot point, it is certain that this animal has inherited, the intelligence, obedience, attachment to humans, love of water, and natural abilities to retrieve. These are all of the characteristics demonstrated by Poodles during the 1800s. The pointers gave this breed other personality traits that included a sensitive nose, developed skills for hunting, and a fierce attitude towards game.

Breed development credits for Poodles is generally given to the French, although there is a debate about the possibility of the origins coming from Germany. The spelling in German is Pudel, and this is used in Pudelpointer.


The first cross between an English pointer and a Pudel to create a new breed took place in 1881 in Germany. Kaiser Frederick III owned the English sire, and the dam was a German hunting poodle. The idea behind the breeding was to create a combination of the natural outstanding work abilities of two highly specialist dogs in one breed. This was a combination of:
An instinct to retrieve
Willingness to please its owner
Hunting abilityLæs mere om Pudelpointer i racebeskrivelsen ...

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